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Congratulations to our Pitch Day Winners!

Idea Accelerator

Please drop by the Idea Accelerator in Falvey Memorial Library and bring ideas for collaboration!

Next-Generation Sequencing in the Clinical Setting

Dr. Avni Santani, Scientific Director of the Molecular Genetics Lab at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), and Dr. Jennifer Morrissette, Clinical Director for the Center for Personalized Diagnostics at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, were part of a panel on how next-generation sequencing is currently being used to provide personalized care and diagnostics to patients. Next-generation sequencing is a technology that quickly and cheaply sequences DNA. It is currently being used at hospitals to decipher what gene or genes were mutated.  (more…)

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Programs & Initiatives

Find your inner entrepreneur

Villanova ICE programs focus on advancing the innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial skills of the students in the Villanova community.

  • Beyond Ideas Committee: A committee of faculty and staff across campus that focuses on generating new ideas along the entrepreneurial process.
  • Competitions: Villanova offers several competitions designed to catalyze and support innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship including the Villanova Student Entrepreneurship Competition (VSEC), the Sue Winge Playwriting Competition, the 24 Hour Imagination Quest, and more.
  • Curriculum: ICE provides guidance and support for two undergraduate minor programs in entrepreneurship. These intensive programs allow students to learn and understand the basics of generating ideas, finding opportunities, starting and managing an entrepreneurial venture.
  • ICE Certificate Program for Sophomores (ICE CaPS): A certificate program specifically designed for sophomore students based on the concepts of Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship. This program is open to all Villanova University undergraduate majors.
  • ICE Workshops and Guest Speakers: ICE provides opportunities for guest speakers and workshops related to ICE to come to Villanova.
  • Idea Accelerator: ICE's flexible, collaborative environment designed to promote increased, cross-college interaction within the Villanova community and a multidisciplinary approach to generating and advancing new ideas.
  • IdeaBounce®: Villanova's online portal for ideas from students, faculty, alumni, and community members.
  • Mentoring, Pop Up Idea Accelerator, and In-Residence Program: ICE maintains an ad hoc mentor network for budding entrepreneurs as well as an In-Residence program where Artists, Designers, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators engage with Villanovans on a regular basis.
  • Meyer ICE Award: The Meyer Innovation and Creative Excellence (ICE) Awards were created and endowed by Patrick Meyer '74 VSB in honor of the Meyer family to recognize a spirit of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship that enhances Villanova University.
  • Phillanova ICE: The ICE Institute isupports students from across the Villanova campus who are interested in connecting with the Philadelphia entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  • Pitch Day: ICE's signature program bringing together students from across campus to have their business plans and entrepreneurial work evaluated by distinguished judges (alumni, VU parents, and community members). Next Pitch Day: April 25, 2016.
  • The Entrepreneurs Network: Networking venue for entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers.
  • Villanova Entrepreneurial Society (VES): ICE supports this student group, which invites entrepreneurs, often Villanova alumni, to address students. Sample topics include: Women in Entrepreneurship, New Ventures Started by Students, and Funding a New Venture.
  • Villanova in the Valley (VinV): Villanova in the Valley program is designed to expose students from across the Villanova campus to the innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Silicon Valley.
  • Villanova on Set: Immersion program for students interested in the film, tv, and entertainment industries in Southern California.


ICE Leadership Team

  • II Luscri - Executive Director
  • Sharon Ballard - Program Coordinator
  • Kylie Frankowski - Project Coordinator
  • Jonathan Pizzutti - Project Coordinator
  • Maria Roscoe - Project Coordinator
  • Sarah Stankiewicz - Project Coordinator
  • Emily Venvertloh - Project Coordinator
  • Barbara Bigford - Entrepreneur-in-Residence
  • Jim Klingler - Entrepreneur-in-Residence
  • Michael Tomczyk - Innovator-in-Residence

Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council members bring a wealth of experience from a multitude of industries.

  • Kevin Alward - Chief Executive Officer, SwiftReach Networks
  • Barbara Bigford - Chief Executive Officer, Seabreeze Products, Inc
  • Jeffrey Bodle, Esq (CLAS '95, VLS '99) - Partner, Morgan Lewis
  • William Burke (VSB '77) - Professor of the Practice, Perdue School of Business at Salisbury University
  • Daniel Byrne (VSB '99) - President and Founder, Merch Hub LLC.
  • Thomas Christopoul - Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, 54 Madison Partners
  • Stephen DeAngelis (VSB '88) - Managing Director, Goldman Sachs & Co.
  • Justin DiGaetano (VSB '02) - Principal and Founding Partner, Fidato Partners
  • James Drobile, Jr (VSB '83) - Mobility Applications & Solutions Executive, AT&T Mobility
  • Richard F. Fonash, CFA (VSB '86) - Senior Investment Manager, Aberdeen Asset Management Inc.
  • Michael Gardner (CLAS '67) - Chief Executive Officer, Vital Enterprises
  • Deborah Mohr Geffken - Founder and President, Mohr Options LLC
  • Joseph Genovesi (VSB '01) - President, RD Legal Funding
  • Martae Giometti (COE '13) - Sales Operations, DoubleDutch
  • John Hallahan (CLAS '84) - Vice President, Business Development, Celtra, Inc
  • James Healy (VSB '05) - Business Development, FastPay
  • Amy Heller (VSB '98) - Founder and President, WGIRLS INC
  • Chris Hickey (VSB '95) - President and CEO, The Isopure Company
  • Daniel Hogarty, Jr (VSB '61) - Retired Chairman, President, and CEO, Troy Financial Corporation
  • John Jaworski (VSB '91) - Founder, Easy Closets
  • Catherine Kinrade (CLAS '07) - Manager Procurement Sustainability, Johnson & Johnson
  • Daniel Lammot (CLAS '98) - Chief Executive Officer, roundCorner, Inc.
  • Thomas Land (VSB '82) - Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, The Maloof Companies
  • John Larre (VSB '91) - Chief Financial Officer, Folger Hill Asset Management
  • Don Mahoney - VP and Global Head of Chemicals, SAP
  • Michael McCarthy (VSB '78) - Managing Partner, Acuitive Technologies Inc.
  • Ted McLaughlin (CLAS '90) - President, DiSorb Systems, Inc
  • Robert McNally, PhD (COE '70) - President and CEO, GeoVax Labs, Inc
  • Edward Meyer (VSB '86) - President & Managing Member, Iluna USA, LLC
  • Edmund Moore (VSB '90) - Chief Executive Officer, Clutch
  • Donald Volk (VSB '71) - Director, Karlani Capital
  • Raymond Walheim (VSB '89, VLS '96) - Partner, Robin Hood Ventures


Cool ideas wanted - at these upcoming events

ICE sponsors a number of events, programs, and guest speakers. These events focus on topics related to creating and developing new and innovative opportunities, whether it's within an existing organization or a new entrepreneurial venture.

Contact for more information on any of these events.

Upcoming Events

Business Succession and Exit Planning Seminar
Thursday, June 9, 2016
4:00pm - Idea Accelerator

Tech Girlz Summer Camp
July 11-15, 2016
Idea Accelerator

Monday, September 19, 2016
4:30pm - Idea Accelerator

Click here for previous events.

Regional Events

Click here for a list of events related to ICE in the Philadelphia region.


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Putting ideas in motion

The ICE Institute is an innovative driver of scholastic, educational, and professional development opportunities in the related areas of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship within the Villanova community. The ICE Institute has a multi-disciplinary and cross-college focus and seeks to advance the University's strategy by fostering cross-college learning and embedding entrepreneurial thinking more deeply in the Villanova culture.

In recent surveys of executives, the ability to think entrepreneurially is considered the #1 most important leadership characteristic moving forward and over 60% of Fortune 500 indicated that the ability to think creatively was more important than intelligence. Additionally, while the importance of traditional entrepreneurship in the form of startup organizations remains a central driver of economic growth (and is also supported by ICE), over 70% of existing organizations cite innovation and "intrapreneurship" as a key factor in their future growth and success. To that end, ICE strives to support traditional student-entrepreneurship and startups, but its broader mission is to serve as a symbol to the Villanova community and beyond of our university's commitment to nurture students so they stand out in the marketplace as creative and innovative thinkers. Villanova students are already known to be among the best, most well-rounded there is - The ICE Institute seeks to provide opportunities to develop and highlight their entrepreneurial spirit as well.

A main principle of the ICE Institute is the belief that students from the Colleges of Professional Studies, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Nursing, Business, and Law can all learn from one another how to become more well-rounded innovative and creative thinkers. ICE fosters opportunities for this cross-disciplinary learning to occur.